The benefits of silk

The benefits of silk Everyone knows that silk is good for the human body, so what are the specific benefits, let Xiaobian tell you!

1 Green: The mulberry leaves eaten by the silkworm baby cannot be contaminated by a trace of pesticides. The breeding room cannot use mosquito coils, insecticides, etc. Therefore, silk is a natural green product.

2 Comfort: 97% of the silk is a natural animal protein and has the reputation of “the second human skin”, which can effectively protect the skin of women and infants.

3 Health care: The water absorbency of silk is 1.5 times that of cotton, and it can automatically adjust the humidity inside.

4 Beauty: Due to the skin-friendly and moisturizing properties of silk and the richness of 18 kinds of amino acids, long-term use of women can effectively delay skin aging and improve beauty; long-term use of the baby can effectively protect its more capable skin and prevent skin allergies.

5 Warm: About 38% of the interior of the silk is hollow, which can play a very good moisturizing effect. Therefore, the refined mulberry silk is generally 3-4 kg in winter and 4-6 kg in double.

6 closeness: The closeness of the silk quilt can reduce the situation of turning over the bare shoulder during sleep in winter.

7 Breathable: It has good hygroscopicity and hygroscopicity, and it can reduce children's bad habits at night.

8 Clean: Silk quilt is not easy to electrostatic, it will not absorb fine dust and dander, and it will be very clean after 10 years of use.

9 Durability: In the reminder of some after-sales SMS, good silk can be used for 20 years without refurbishing.

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