CARDELO CARTELO 2014 spring and summer new orders will be held ceremoniously

CARTELO CARDELO brand men will be held in August 27, 2013 to 30 grand 2014 spring and summer new orders will be held at the Shanghai Meilan Lake Crowne Plaza CARTELO CARTELO sincerely invite new and old customers to visit the guide , We will witness the bright future of CARTELO. CARTELO CARDELO to create not only the perfect image of successful people, but also into the young, stylish vitality, so that men more than a successful choice. CARDELO CARTELO spring and summer in 2014 will bring the kind of fashion, charm, taste of the dress it? Let's stay tuned! Card Dile Crocodile entered mainland China in 1993, set up a wholly foreign-owned enterprises in Singapore Shanghai Oriental Crocodile Garments Co., Ltd., authorized by (Singapore) Crocodile International Institutions Pte Ltd to manufacture and sell the "CARTELO" brand clothing and its products in Mainland China. Today, the development of Carthusian crocodiles has traveled all over the country's major cities and regions, the retail network by the department store brand counters, street shops, the flagship store, card Dile Crocodile living museum and shop management, and other Form composition. As "CARTELO CARDELO" brand awareness, as well as social awareness, for many years won the National Bureau of Statistics issued the top ten best-selling brand in the national market and other awards. Companies adhering to the "faithful dedicated to the enterprise, the love dedicated to the community, the confidence to the cause, the humbly to their own" spirit of enterprise, "genuine" business philosophy, and actively lead the clothing fashion culture, the achievements of people's happy life . Benefit from the enterprise, and actively return the community, and actively participate in various social charities and donations. Which has been generally recognized by society and concern. On the road ahead, the elites of the community gather the resources of the society. In 2011, the company started a huge development plan and transformed into: Shanghai Catile Crocodile Garments Co., Ltd. For the company's future development and growth laid a solid foundation. The company dedicated to the prosperity of society and people's happiness to make our due contribution. Order will be time: August 27, 2013 to 30 orders will be Address: Shanghai Meilan Lake Crowne Plaza

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