Clothing Fabric Category: Features of wool blended fabric

Wool blended fabrics, that is, cashmere, polyester, spandex, rabbit hair and other fibers mixed with wool and textile fabrics. The main types of rabbit hair generally use a certain percentage of rabbit hair and wool blend weaving, rabbit sweater features thin fibers, hand slippery waxy, fleecy surface, soft color, fluffy, comfortable and comfortable to wear, the surface is easy to wear in the fluff Shedding, warmth than wool clothing; If the use of the first shirt, after dyeing process (ie weaving after dyeing process), can make it more pure color, beautiful, unique style, especially suitable for the production of young women's coat. The common feature of chemical fiber wool clothing is lighter. Such as acrylic shirt, the general use of acrylic bulked yarn weaving, the wool sense of strong, bright color, soft and lustrous texture, the moisture regain is only 0-4.5%, the fiber breaking strength is higher than the wool fiber, not insects, but Its elastic recovery rate lower than the wool, warm and less than pure sweater, cheap, but easy to pilling, suitable for children's clothing. Recently, the international market with acrylic, nylon blended imitation rabbit wool yarn, denatured acrylic imitation mohair yarn, its shirt can be comparable with natural rabbit hair, mohair apparel. Animal hair and chemical fiber blended hair with a variety of animal hair and chemical fiber "complementary features", the appearance of a sense of hair, improved tensile strength, reducing the cost of sweaters, is a cheap product. However, blended sweaters, there are different types of fiber dyeing, color absorption caused by different staining effect is not ideal. Identification method Pure wool fabric identification: Pure wool fabric natural color soft, warm effect, is the production of high-end suits and coats of choice fabrics. But now more and more wool-like fabrics, with the improvement of textile technology, has reached the level of the majority of customers is difficult to identify, but the color, warmth, feel, etc. are far less than pure wool fabric. Here are some ways to identify pure wool fabrics, for your reference in the selection of clothing and fabrics. First, the hand touch feeling. Pure wool fabric usually feel silky, long hair fabric smooth feather feel silky, inverse hair tingling. And blended or purified fiber, some owe soft, and some are too soft and loose, and a sticky feeling. Second, look at color. Pure wool fabric natural color, bright and without the old sense. In contrast, blended or pure synthetic fabrics, or luster darker, or a sense of flashy. Third, look flexible. Hand things will be held tight, and then immediately let go and see the fabric flexibility. Pure wool fabric rebound rate can quickly restore the status quo, and blended or chemical fiber products, the wrinkle resistance is poor, mostly leaving more obvious signs of wrinkles, or slow recovery. Fourth, combustion method identification. Take a bunch of yarn, with fire, pure wool fiber smell like burning hair, the smell of synthetic fabrics like burning plastic. The harder the particles after burning, the more chemical composition. Five, single root identification. All animal hairs are scaly under a microscope, and if long hairs are used, they can be moved up or down as long as they take a maw of the same figure Test), if it is ordinary fabric, take a yarn, cut 2 cm two pieces split into a root fiber in your hand rub four or five times to see if they will not move.

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