Thin section of the coat to take what style to wear more taste

Women's clothing is estimated that the wardrobe has heap, but still feel that they have no wardrobe to wear, this is a woman has always been the nature of clothing will not be too much, a woman's wardrobe can not be compared with men, men's wardrobe is Few few shirt T-shirt, and women's wardrobe, all kinds of dresses, windbreaker, a variety of styles make you dazzling, women's clothing make your dress become tasteful.


We bid farewell to the heavy down jacket, cotton clothes, wearing a stylish trench coat style, windbreaker was thin, not bloated, this pink trench coat style with a leopard primer shirt, sweet with a hint of wild, with Black shorts, absolute sexy temperament Oh.

薄款风衣内搭怎么穿 什么款式比较的有品味

What do you like the windbreaker fabric it? Is it, cotton, or cortical it? A lot of crush will choose the cortical fabric, cortical fabric is very pull the wind, this long-sleeved pink coat coupled with a vest dress, a pair of high heels is absolutely beautiful.

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