Fresh sweet color this summer sweet style to wear

Bid farewell to the dull autumn and winter series, black, gray should be put into the wardrobe early. The advent of summer, the natural need to dress up colorful. If the beautiful women do not know from what color to start, may wish from lemon yellow, pink blue and easy to wear on the basis of the color of the beginning. These delicate colors are not only refreshing lady, but also the secret of aging.


Liya Lisa - LIYALISA 2014 spring and summer series

Candy color of lemon yellow

A touch of lemon yellow is bound to become the focus of the streets. Full of British style lemon yellow dress, can easily come to the fore. This is a beautiful yellow color, then add the round neck and buttons, so well-behaved design. Simple and clear, must be one of ladies favorite summer items.

清新糖果色 这个夏季甜美风就这么穿

Liya Lisa - LIYALISA 2014 spring and summer series

Candy color of the elegant pink blue

Do not doubt, pink blue is definitely the hottest summer this year, the theme color. It is candy color is jelly color, Japanese beauty who love it. For example, this dress full of Japanese wind, mesh-like surface full of sense of detail, inadvertently lace stitching at the chest and skirt. How can people dislike it?

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