Spring and ultimately green learn Lu Yu Lin bright green suit

The main color of spring is of course green. As recently as the actress Lu Yulin exposed a group of fashion photos, the film in his green suit plus a blue shirt, the two colors of the bold collision, play played a gentleman's style, full of mature men tidal fan children. Both with green vitality and vitality, but also the lack of men's unique type of male charm. Men can learn from. Green suits can also be such a simple match, but your suit must be self-cultivation, texture, to stand out in the blue shirt, in order to be able to reveal the refreshing temperament in the blue shirt. But you also need a taste of the belt, plus a pair of high-grade leather shoes, in order to enhance the overall tolerance. Jov Spring Series If you are a bit sensitive to such a bright bright color, then slightly weakened mustard green is more suitable for ordinary men's daily wear. More modest color with, though not the most eye-catching, but it is matched with no inferior fashion sense. Especially the check shirt knotted at the waist so that the entire model looks very stylish, very layered.

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