Technical analysis of LED fluorescent lamp components

The use of led fluorescent lamps is relatively wide. The specific reference to the principle of T8 tube T5 tube, LED fluorescent lamp is also divided into T8 T5, then how is it a good T8 tube? Start with the parts of a luminaire

1: Lamp Bead T8 is 2835 Lamp Bead T5 is 3014 Lamp Bead

2: The outer casing T8 is generally a split type single tube T5 as one piece

3: power supply resistance capacity step-down linear constant current constant current drive

4: Aluminum substrate aluminum substrate is still important in the component

5: pc cover transparency is very important

6: Assembling a good assembly line to make a good product

First of all, from the lamp beads used in T8 lamps, T8 lamp lamp beads 2835 have a variety of chip sizes, 10 * 23 MIL 14 * 28 MIL, these two are more commonly used, we do not know this is normal, as long as the chip is bigger The higher the better.

There are many cheap T8 fluorescent lamps on the market from 1.2-90 yuan. The space occupied by the lamp beads is about one-third of the cost. The good lamp bead will not be blue (there is a great danger to the human eye). The greenish, purpleish, yellowish, and color-changing lamp beads are the remaining products after the secondary splitting of the lamp bead manufacturer. The low-end products are all cheap, cost-constrained, dealer-constrained, market-constrained, resulting in The worse the worse, the more than 30 yuan in the market for the 16-dollar factory, the light color is really terrible. Therefore, the preferred color is pure color, white is like white milk, warm white is divided into deep yellow, light yellow, yellow with powder, color temperature is white is about 5500-6500K warm white is between 2700-3200K, see customer preferences.

Most of the T8 tube T5 tube shell is made of aluminum, and a small part is made of plastic. The main function of the shell is the heat dissipation of the lamp. The better the heat dissipation of the lamp, the slower the light decay of the lamp, the stability of the LED lamp, and the good quality. Bad and the heat dissipation of the lamp body itself is important, so when you choose the lamp, you must look at the weight of the case. In terms of workmanship, you can’t just use it. The fluorescent lamp sold in the lamp store is OK. The moisture on the TB is OK. Too much.

The first is the resistance to buck

There are several circuit design ways to block the voltage drop. First, let's talk about this. Many consumers may not know the circuit. I will send a few pictures. Let's take a look. Let's talk about the working mode of the resistor-capacitor circuit. : AC 220V input -CBB inner bulk capacitors 400V 105J-- full bridge rectifier diode package 4 in the form of full-wave bridge rectifier circuit and the package - the regulator filter capacitor (parallel) - output, with the two internal 474 Two 510, this way is relatively rough, the peak voltage far exceeds the withstand voltage of the Zener tube and the capacitor, it is easy to breakdown, this wholesaler does not need to understand how this is designed, as long as this is easy to breakdown Ok.

The second is a linear constant current power supply. The linear constant current component controls the entire circuit separately. The constant current of the switch is achieved by a MOS switching transistor and a constant current component.

LED lights need to be connected in series or in parallel to work. The parallel voltage is used to drive multiple LEDs. Although the required voltage is lower, the brightness of each LED is different because the forward voltage drop of each LED is different. Different, unless a separate adjustment is used to ensure that each LED has the same brightness. Therefore, the parallel mode should ensure uniform brightness and be complicated to implement. The series connection can ensure that the current flowing through each LED is the same and the brightness is consistent, which is a commonly used structure. When the series type driving mode is adopted, if one or several LEDs are broken and the circuit is broken (the short circuit has a small influence on the circuit and can be ignored), the circuit may be broken and cannot work normally. In order to avoid this defect, a voltage regulator tube can be connected in parallel with each other at both ends of the LED. When a certain LED lamp bead is broken, the parallel voltage regulator tube is put into operation to ensure the current of the series lamp bead is unchanged. It should be noted that the voltage regulation value of the Zener diode is higher than the conduction voltage of the LED. Otherwise, the parallel voltage regulator will shunt a part of the current and make the LED dark or not bright.

Finally, constant current drive power

The led constant current driving power supply is a voltage converter that converts the power supply into a specific voltage and current to drive the LED to emit light. Generally, the input of the led driving power source includes high voltage power frequency alternating current (ie, commercial power), low voltage direct current, high voltage direct current. , low-voltage high-frequency AC (such as the output of electronic transformers). The output of the LED driver is mostly a constant current source that changes the voltage as the LED's forward voltage drop changes.

When you buy a luminaire, you may not see the specific structure inside the luminaire. The easiest way is to take a photo with your mobile phone and see if there is any stroboscopic light. The color of the light from the lamp is even, there is no dark area in the light, and the weight of the outer casing is light. The brightness of the lamp is one hour and the normal temperature is 45-60°. The color of the light from the tube is not color cast, so don't be biased towards blue light (harm to the human eye)

LED lamps are indeed energy-saving, and good LED lamps are very durable. The family is 3-5 hours a day, 3-5 years is no problem, then I want to change, but many cheap lamps can only be used. 800 hours, so everyone should be optimistic when buying lamps.

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