VFCOOO Wei Kou men stationed in Chengdu Shuangliu Airport business district

The end of the happy Spring Festival holiday, also means that the new year has officially opened! VFCOOO Wei Kou Men also started a new year of development journey! Recently, the VFCOOO store in Shuangliu Airport Commercial Center in Chengdu, Sichuan province has also been grandly opened, bringing more fashion choices to the elite men in Chengdu! In the T2 lobby P Island, Welcome! VFCOOO Wei Kou Men's Design Center was born in the global men's sanctuary Navigli Milan, Italy, Milan Navigli Navigli District brings together the world's best men's designer resources, VFCOOO Men's Design Center in the world's top men's brand design center gathering area, grasp Popular fashion men's global pulse, and the world's most stylish men's clothing design synchronization. VFCOOO Wei Kou this international high-end men's brand in the Chinese market launch, VFCOOO into a Chinese high-end fashion men's leading brand, is the company's development vision of the first part of the blueprint. By cooperating with internationally renowned high-end menswear brands, such as Italy, France and Japan, Modesty costumes promote the international brand image, actively innovate the European-style design style, optimize the service system, and continuously improve the quality and taste of the products.

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