Mint green is what color Mannua 2014 mint green clothing with

Green gives a cool and comfortable feeling, spring and summer is the need for this cool feeling, mint green, so you have a fresh sense of happiness, there is a hint of color called mint green, the color has a clear sweet sense of summer It is like eating a sweet melon flavor ice cream, people feel cool incomparable.


Source: Miaoyuan Miaomenuo women's 2014 spring and summer new models

MIGAINO Miaoyu spring thin section windbreaker style, fresh mint green color, coupled with a lace dress that is sweet Fan have fresh feeling, more and more feel hot in spring, but there is this color feeling is infinite cool, Mint green this season, a kind of happy feeling.

薄荷绿是什么颜色 曼娅奴2014薄荷绿服装搭配

I think the summer should be few people will be scattered hair it, the summer tie up the tail or ball head really feel very fresh, so fresh and cool hairstyle, of course, is accompanied by a fresh dress, MIGAINO mint green Sleeveless dress style, chest also perspective effect, doll collar design adds more women's charm. (Mr. Qin)

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