Aisha brand women's store in Hunan Xiangtan will be opened in April so stay tuned

The plan for a year lies in spring, and a good start in the spring has bodes well for the whole year. In the spring, Elisha brand women are full of spring-like momentum like bamboo, in March and April a number of new stores will have opened in Xihu District, Xiangxi City, Hunan Road station store is one of them, will be April 8 Day with the vast number of consumers to meet, let us look forward to its stunning debut!


Alisha brand in 2009, rooted in fashionable women's fashion | - Shenzhen, the way to direct sales outlets, from concentrated business model to dealers to join Alison looking for the most close to the market profit model, by Dealers attention and recognition.

艾丽莎品牌女装湖南湘潭店将于4月开业 敬请期待

Precise brand positioning and rational distribution of channels are the key factors for the rapid growth of Aisha brand development. The product's personality, conciseness, cool taste and low price fully comply with the consumption concept of "fast fashion", making the brand image enjoys popular support. Access to the franchisee and consumers unanimously approved.

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