The new white series of women pure fresh color regain the feeling of first love

Pure white will always leave a good feeling. People think of his white shirt when first love, and her white dress. Will make people think of gorgeous wedding wedding. Warm and fresh feeling, people will inadvertently gently mouth up. The following for everyone to introduce the 2014 classic wild white single product, like it on the collection.

芮玛 - JUMEL

The left sleeve dress in the simple long section, self-cultivation design, sketched a woman's convex s-type body. Outside with any style of jacket. The right is a lot of sweet girls like Korean lace stitching skirt. Pole dancing captured the hearts of people, sweet pure, elegant intellectual.

新款白色系列女装 纯净清新色找回初恋感

Sleeveless skirt on the left skirt is very unique, playful and cute skirt is very light and agile, for thinner girls. Sleeveless chiffon shirt on the right simple style, relaxed version of the type for girls. The following with a discoloration of the skirt, very British range of children.

The picture comes from: Ruima women's clothing

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