Jiacai ladies charm blooming fourteenth China (Shenzhen) international brand clothing exhibition

Ka Choi womenswear July 10 will be a new image in the fourteenth China (Shenzhen) international brand clothing and Accessories Fair 9A05-9A06 booth, we will be a wonderful feast presented in the visit from all over the world In front of the VIP.

Jia Cai's development process, always good at using natural materials, such as wood, linen, silk, etc., and these elements always bring people a comfortable, elegant natural feelings, bring people considerate and delicate warmth. The exhibition, Ka Choi womens will continue to have been used in wood, linen, silk and other natural materials combined with the international fashion elements designed for the new season of goods.


Through this exhibition, Ka Choi womens dress for everyone presents an 18-year-old brand brought maturity and improvement. Jia Cai women's wear after 18 years of precipitation, not only let us precipitate the quality, but also precipitated the pursuit of fashion. During the 18 years of operation, we not only reached a consensus with all the distributors, but also resonated with Jia Cai and Jiajia who understand Jia Cai.

At that time, all the ladies of Jiacai Ladies will welcome each VIP with our most sincere heart, and we will also hold a hot heart to understand the industry's fashion trends and future development for every dealer Larger business opportunities.

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