City wardrobe cevel brand bring you a taste of joining the craze

Industry friends all know that "51" before the brand is joining the climax, after the orgasm retreat is the so-called ebb period, but the city ​​wardrobe women did not usher in the so-called shop opening tide. Although there is no pre-holiday opening of 30 stores or even 50 stores opened together, but at least it is considered a steady stream, the recent opening of four or five stores Qi. Well, Xiao Bian still nonsense talk with you full bar.


Kaili shop in Guizhou, the image is not bad, right?


Zhejiang Yiwu shop, a shop in Zhejiang friends welcome to visit here.

Hunan Yongzhou shop, also not bad, it is said that the first day of opening big sale, franchise business friends or full of confidence in the city's wardrobe.


Heyuan Zijin shop, into the store there is no one want to try again every impulse, anyway, I put it down.

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