Korean version of the blue dotted stitching skirt purple Melaleuca decorated dress ladies models

Flowers have reopened, no longer young. In youth. Take the road you want to go, chase your favorite people, buy your favorite clothes. Women, to learn to invest in yourself, is a potential new generation of shares. Graceful LOH brand women each have a superior fabric, allowing you to increasingly sophisticated trend, confident and elegant. To discover their own unknown beauty.


Elegant blue in the summer is not greasy dark, and beautiful white together, set off the girls ice and jade, natural beauty. Wave elements of retro, literary and playful, very lovable. White belt outline the charming body curves, perfect impeccable. A slight fold of the white skirt fluttering in the wind, is the goddess-like existence.

韩版蓝色波点拼接裙 紫色千层摆修身裙名媛款

Pink purple, filled with elegant atmosphere everywhere, people love at first sight goodbye style you are still hesitant? Slim Korean version, suitable for all types of girls. Loose hand sleeves, comfortable fabrics, lightweight texture, will give a comfortable enjoyment. Cascading skirts, gold embellishment embellishment, with white high heels, 尽显 ladies range of children.

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