Summer blue dress look good? Fantasy ocean blue tone with how

Marine theme as a blue storm in spring and summer fashion can not be ignored, bringing a fresh atmosphere for this heat-filled summer. Designers draw inspiration from the blue sea, refining a saturated and fantastic blue tone.

Quiet coast

Saturated and bright blue fall shoulder dress, designed with elegant arc collar and waist details, combined with unique concentric color split-bag skirt design, filling the delicate and feminine elegant elegance of women.

Dream spray

Blue is always full of fantasy, simple blue dress design asymmetrical scarf collar collar shirt, blue, white, purple in the meantime intertwined fusion, just like the layers of waves coming from the beach.

夏天穿蓝色的衣服好看吗 梦幻的海洋蓝色调如何搭配

Blue sky

People often say that Haitian line, in fact, how deep blue and blue sky can be divided Weihai, bright and deep blue with a white bottoming outfit, met Tianhai phase of the summer.

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FR Pants

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