DAZZLE Brings Huayi Brothers ELLE Night Stars

Recently, DAZZLE brought together the ELLE stars of the Huayi Brothers. Many stars attended the event.

Last night, “Starlight Shanghai 2014 - Huayi ELLE Night”, organized by Huayi Brothers Fashion and “ELLE” magazine, was held at the Shanghai Expo Creative Showground. As the organizer's special cooperation brand, DAZZLE joined hands with world-renowned artist Yue Minjun to bring a series of interesting and humorous summer limited edition public welfare T-shirts to the guests.

Return to the innocence, the stars commemorate the public welfare T-shirt wall

At the beginning of the show, the bright stars of the Expo match with the color light shadows in the Expo's creative show. The stars of the roads marched on a soft night, and they left behind happy children of impoverished mountainous areas in front of the “DAZZLE×Yue Minjun Public T-shirt Wall” full of love...
Now, please follow the home pager and count down, and the starlight that shed in last night's love...

Famous actor: An Yixuan

Famous actor: Feng Shaofeng

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