Underwear and coat with the law: choose the same color with the underwear to avoid being stained

We introduced a lot about the color of underwear and coat with the Internet search can also find a search for the program they want with, however, in detail, we most recommend strong contrast or color contrast with the security of the approximate color, Xiao Bian today to introduce you to another method, that is the same color with.

Figure: Liang Jing underwear 2014 models

Most people will think that wearing black clothes are free to choose underwear, because it does not reveal the embarrassment (except for perspective equipment), but whenever you take off your underwear but found that the beige, white underwear there are many Uneven black spots, because we forget that dark clothes will fade, want to avoid this situation is actually very simple, that is, choose the same color with the coat underwear.


Figure: Liang Jing underwear 2014 models

The streets often see some female friends, white underwear is very eye-catching red underwear, even if you are informal, nor in this way to attract attention, right? Even if the white has a strong reflective effect, but also better than this bright red color? Even with a black, but also to create some sexy.

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