Franchise management: From their own shops to find business problems

Guge home service since the beginning to join the agency business, there are many investors interested in Gu Ge unique business model, and choose to join Gu Ge, Gu Ge and common development. However, many franchisees in the shop, because of poor management led to close, this time franchisees always complain about the lack of support provided by the company headquarters, but never thought, franchise stores, from their own shops to find stores.

As a store manager with more than 10 years of experience Guge store manager every day to face numerous customers joined the doubt, but for those who do not join the ideal business customers, I believe there must be sufficient voice.


Many customers say that their poor sales performance of the store, if only simple and investors say that his shop problems, then most of the franchisees will not accept it, but also because this is because the current economic downturn, the poor geographical environment, the surrounding consumer Low level, the company's product pricing is too high, etc., do not find their own store management issues. At this time, the best way is to take the franchisees to direct shop, take a look at the store under the same background is how to operate.

Franchise management, can not only find objective and company reasons. Joining customers for the company to provide business advice and advice are generally not heard, always saying that the company is not right here, there is wrong, the problem is not resolved, which place did not go according to the contract. For joining the customer's questions, the company feel good, which makes the company has improved, but not the company is not a panacea, it is impossible to say that all the problems let the company bear.

When faced with this joining customers, you can consider using this method, invited to join the franchise customers to look at the store. Direct shop mentality of the shopping guide how to shop their own shopping guide how; compared to direct sales shops and franchise stores between the two updated the situation; product display and so on. Through the direct sales stores and franchise stores compared to franchisees to find their own store management problems, so that customers can see the gap between the shops, ideas trying to improve the core competitiveness of their own shops, in order to improve store performance.

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