What color short blue skirt with bright shirt T-shirt with what pants

Previous black and white, now the bright colors, candy colors, with the color evolution, style innovation, the road to fashion is getting better and better, every season has fashionable eye-catching style, everyone has their own mind Explosion models in the doll children's clothing summer new costumes happy and healthy childhood dress. Po blue skirt cascading skirt design, the effect of perspective such a skirt to wear more stylish children, blue and accompanied by a pure white T shirt simple and personalized T-shirt design to make the overall more personality, Ruffle T-shirt collar with layered skirt absolutely want to echo. T-shirt boys with the style, T-shirt with the color change, but also become more stylish, from the beginning of the pure color to the current color stitching are relatively stylish, this dark green stitching orange T-shirt with a Gray plaid shorts, this casual dress absolutely dazzling in the summer.


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