"Little Women" Dongpu Four Seasons fashion Hui counter - five years of Christmas, gorgeous upgrade

Yangcheng bright, bustling, still hot in July, the sun, but also can not stop people's love of small women's underwear, and located in Tianhe District, Tianhe District, Four Seasons Fashion Hui B207 small women's underwear counters, also ushered in at this time Her extraordinary fifth birthday. In the past five years, she is gorgeous and passionate, hot and without losing her style. On her fifth birthday, she ushered in a new and more attractive new upgrade.

“小妇人”东圃四季时尚荟专柜 ——五年盛诞,华丽升级

Tianhe District, Dongpu four seasons fashion Hui "Little Women" underwear counters in the franchise owner Miss Hou Qingli operation, more and more vitality, business is booming. Miss Hou said that this is a very successful venture, her growth and success is inseparable from the "Little Women" brand to give her a good platform and the strong support of the company, she will, as always, her "little lady" The counter lasts like nurturing your own children.

From the date of the establishment of the company, the group of small women has always insisted on providing customers with stylish, sexy, healthy and comfortable personal products for business purposes, in pursuit of women's beauty and health tirelessly at the same time, the Western fashion trends and Chinese culture As well as the beauty of oriental women tightly blend together to lead the fashion trend of underwear, production of our Asian lingerie brand !

Small Women Enterprise Group is not only a provider of lingerie, but also successfully established "LITTLE WOMEN Little Woman", "deep possession of Tibet show", "STRONG-MAN" and other internationally renowned underwear brand. Our little women's enterprises always believe in "product quality is above all else", "good products are more important than after-sales service", "the best service is no service" and "the best product itself is the best advertising" , In the design and manufacture of the best products on the fierce efforts, so we have achieved extraordinary success in the market and has become the top ten international underwear brand, China Top Ten underwear brand, the national 3.15 quality trust brand, the international quality certification system ISO certification honor. And its very romantic and sexy atmosphere of quality, more addicted to the feminine style, coco charming temperament, and now, the "little lady" has become a real fashion underwear industry aircraft carrier.

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