"Modern times" and create greater glories! —— Modern Mommy Spring/Summer 2015 New Product Launch Conference & Ordering Conference (Shandong Station)

“Three thousand miles of water hits yesterday, and they are gathering together to discuss financial resources”, and in the eager expectation of various agents, franchisees, and out-of-home stores, we finally ushered in the title “Modern Times” of Modern Mommy's International Fashion Pregnancy Brand 2015. The new summer conference and ordering conference was held in Shandong Branch.

This season's new product can be seen as a full-depth inspecting and analysis of the market in the north and south of the country. In the continuation of past design styles, it incorporates fresh design concepts, new washing techniques, and high-tech innovative fabrics. Fully improved the product frame structure and the degree of fashion, as well as the launch of new products on the market this season, set off a crazy frenzy of agents, franchisees, and ultimately exceeded the goal, perfect ending.

Embodies the quality advantages of modern Mommy brand quality and low price, I believe that this season, such a high cost-effective products will be placed in the terminal market, will attract many fashion tastes of the eyes, in all aspects to increase the modern mommy in the market occupancy, and the brand's Reputation and popularity.

Baizhang took a good look and went further. We are confident to work together under the leadership of the modern Mommy brand operation model, go all out, work together for mutual benefit, and create a brilliant career together!

Modern Mommy - Shandong Brand Division


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