How to purify citrine

How is citrine purified? Because of long-term wear, it involves the purification of citrine. Purifying the word in Latin and degaussing approximation, so it is also called degaussing. It is recorded in "Accounting for a Leap": it needs to be cleaned once every month from 1 to 3. Even the citrine needs regular cleaning. The following collection of several citrine purification methods for reference:

method one:

The standard purification method is to use salt to protect the salt. The salt is extracted from the sea. It is not a coarse salt, sea salt or large salt. It is a neutral cleaning agent and does not have any corrosive effect on the citrine. effect.

Operation method:

1: Remove the citrine

2: According to each piece of citrine 10 grams of defensive salt 500 grams of water configuration. If it is purified by multiple citrines, it will increase the amount of salt that does not increase the amount of water.

3: Put the defensive salt in the filter tool, then put the filter tool into the water. Wait for 24 hours to complete the purification. Waiting time can exceed 24 hours, but not short and 24 hours

4: If you need to pray, after completing the previous step, remove the defensive salt, you can write on both sides of the defensive declaration, write your own lunar birthday, wishes, name and put the side of the shrine seal on the spoon or bowl.

5: Pour the used water for purification, and the defensive declaration will end. Purification can be carried out continuously for 1 to 3 months.

Method Two:

If you want to wear it for a long time, you can use large particles of defensive salt for burial. First, put the defensive salt on a plate or dish, remove the citrine, and bury it in the defensive salt, degaussing time to 24 hours. Just fine.

Method 3: Degaussing with a crystal cluster is the most convenient and simple method. The crystal cluster itself has a strong energy, it can not only degauss the citrine, but also charge the citrine. Simply place the citrine on the crystal cluster for one night.

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