Tong Lefang open letter to agents: a company with annual sales of nearly 100 million, not worth 500,000

Dear agents and partners: Thank you very much for participating in the future development of Tong Le Square! On the eve of Tong Le Fong's Spring / Summer 2015 Order Fair, I hope to share with you in this short letter some of our views on business and ideals as well as the future faith and the direction of our struggle for mutual encouragement ! As a logistics and building materials operators, why do we choose to invest in children's clothing across the board? We do not have to quote a variety of industry research reports dry data, we only have to look at this industry, a completely no sales team, do not have any business management concepts and business ideas, by the boss with several design, such companies A year can do tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of business. A college student who has just graduated in less than 3 years, acting as a new brand in a certain market, has been able to dozens of millions of people in less than two years. My statement is not at all slightest to the disdain and disrespect of these colleagues (on the contrary, I'd like to take a ride in this letter, thank the industry for its acceptance and inclusion for this newbie, for those who helped or criticized Our colleagues, designers, suppliers, headhunters, and even agents and customers who have abandoned us, as well as employees who have worked or are currently working at Children's Square, are the ones that allow us to grow and improve We know our own inadequacies and the direction of improvement), I would like to tell everyone: When in an industry, what people can do, what people can do to make money, then this business really have a chance, there is still to do! I have said to many people: Do not look now XX company (temporarily can not say the brand) to do nearly a billion business a year, but if the company sold to me, 500,000 I can not dare to go out. Because they received 500,000, the next day ran to rent a place next to us, re-name, the phone do not fight, wechat friends circle clock information, the company was hollowed out. Because in addition to the boss, the company has nothing valuable stuff. But the proprietress is not sold, Chinese law does not allow the sale of the population ... ... laugh! Unlike other children's clothing companies, we are not a family-owned company (not a family-owned company), but a platform built through the platform to constantly absorb and precipitate the industry elites, emphasize the sharing of benefits and have a modern corporate governance system And win the value of the company. We do not want to rely on a few styles, or rely on a few magical professional managers to the company. As a result, we took just a year to achieve many accomplishments that our counterparts can not achieve in 3-5 years. Our team, including the three departments including design, production and sales, has also brought together the most Luxury lineup; but the most worthy of the show are not these, but from the day the company was founded, the company wanted to retain staff, a lot of stay, and even some children with children, until the child The day before, but also always stick to their posts ... ... It is such a believe in the future, I believe the company can give you a more ideal, more trustworthy, and to pay for and share with the participants, work together A lot of time, energy and enthusiasm built a win-win value platform - as you can see today.

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