1727 Women's 2014 Autumn Series New: snake coat, snake pants how to match

Serpentine as a classic fashion element has been given a new fashion feature in the fall of 2014, and prints on windbreaker jackets and cropped feet surprisingly mimic the more expensive leathers, whether genuine or printed, As a fabric or pattern is used in the whole body or mosaic structure, has become avant-garde women's element. The color of the cool serpentine single product has become the mainstream of the season. Feminine feminine and sexy snake accustom is not aloof, this season 1727 fashion women do the perfect fusion between the two.


Full of retro snake-style windbreaker coat, the local snake print looks just right, long section of the design is very stylish and highlight the personality temperament, it is suitable for the beauty of the personality of the dress. Placket with yellow hit color, in stark contrast. In the mix, take the basic white jacquard shirt jacket, lower body with red feet feet pants, the overall look very stylish feel, and the serpentine wild can be considered echoes each other.


Self-cultivation snake print foot pants, jacket with fake two knit jacket, hand-beaded neckline and serpentine printing to form a consistent style. Cool in the late autumn can be with a solid color coat coat, a file cool breeze. The overall mix, both retro and fashion with feminine.

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