Thousands of stores celebrate - "Offside" Teenager "Thanksgiving eight years" national feedback

"OFFSIDE offside" clothing from the first in the country to create subdivision "juvenile wear" category market has been a full eight years, the company organized throughout the country, "eight years celebration, thousands of stores celebrate" activities are in full swing in progress, The "knot" and "gratitude" activities in the north and south of the Yangtze River have attracted the enthusiastic participation of countless "offside" users. The company's "Strong sales special warfare fairs" go all the way to all the end markets. With the help of hands-on activities and helping each store to do activities, the brand culture and product experience of "OFFSIDE Offside" are well known and well-known in local women and children. Yes, our promotion is to take the streets, alleyways, underground "unscrupulous, all-pervasive" partners are to force, penny, pennant myself activities, activities, "moving" only "living" to do marketing is done, Do, do. Exploding, overflowing, burst into, it is this effect

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