Warmly celebrate GIOVANNI VALENTINO Chengdu, Sichuan Xindu store grand opening!

September 1, 2014, the Italian classic brand Giovanni Valentino settled in Chengdu, capital of Xindu, from aristocrats, luxury experience, help Sichuan celebrities to create luxury dress clothing experience. GIOVANNI VALENTINO, fine engraving, fine cutting, folding the United States, meticulous, superb perfect design, created a century classic brand of light, shining glory, noble quality. Italy's top designer Gianni Cinti gorgeous masterpiece, the pure Italian aristocratic atmosphere to the Chinese high-end elite, to create their luxury quality of life. Perfect smooth process, excellent quality, elegant people in the business meetings, luxury dinner, travel and leisure and other places to become the focus of the scene, giving them a luxurious luxury experience, help Mingshi create a perfect life, open the journey of the aristocracy. Because of excellence, so noble; because consistent, so million biography; because of the aristocracy, so when we return to glory in China, the major portals, video sites competing coverage, aristocratic atmosphere, famous. Noble and elegant, gentleman luxury, Mingshi life, glory quality. Beautiful spotlight, the focus of much attention, GIOVANNI VALENTINO, you deserve.

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