Underwear is used to squeeze the cleavage groove? How to correctly select their own underwear

Underwear is a woman can not leave the clothes, if you ask what the function of underwear what do you think? Protect the breast? Milky way? ... ... these answers seem wrong, but the key is still pick a bra fit for yourself, or else not only can not protect the breast, squeeze out the cleavage, but also to the body caused you to regret the consequences.


Select lingerie according to their own chest to choose, if fortunate enough to develop your chest, then the normal style of functional underwear allows you to wear a beautiful chest, you have to pay attention to choose the right size, do not Too small or too big damage to the breast.

内衣只是用来挤乳沟的吗 如何正确挑选适合自己的内衣

Some outward expansion, drooping females have to choose the adjustment function of underwear, this underwear gathers the effect of convergence, widening side than the design can adjust your breasts from multiple angles, let it slowly return to stand upright.

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