Warmly congratulate Danish Shirley women's clothing store in Liuzhou, Guangxi grand opening

Golden September is a harvest season, the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, Dan Shier Geer women also ushered in her another new member, warm congratulations Dan Shier Geer Liu Guangxi new store grand opening! Opening a new store to wish the business is booming, wide source of money!



The opening of the new store coincides with the autumn market, Dan Shigeluer women's new store naturally a new variety of new autumn, and in order to celebrate the opening of the hi, Danish Geer new autumn 10% discount, if you are planning for yourself Ready autumn, then quickly go to the store to buy your favorite style now!



Dan Shigeerl ladies fashion, elegant, independent, different materials and the texture of the stitching between the colors, with a sense of style in the urban design to show another, self-cultivation cut out of pride in the halo around the hazy soft. It has no fear of avant-gardeism and no professionalism. It is sensitive to the link between nature and fashion in the choice between color and fabric, and lurks the independence and self-confidence of urban women in the relaxed and sweet, so that every one Fashionable women wearing Danish Gell's womenswear show extraordinary things even in countless crowds.

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