ZAIN 2014 "Ancient City Alcool" series listed


She, called esslingen, Chinese translated Esslingen. Quietly sitting on the banks of the Neckar in Baden-Württemberg, about 10 kilometers southeast of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, is a 1200-year-old medieval city.
Enter Esslingen am Neckar near Stuttgart, Germany, as if entering a fairy tale world, this ancient city with a thousand years of history, everywhere overflowing with the ancient medieval Germany, elegant style. The ancient city of Shing Mun, towers, castles, palaces, houses and small bridges and grape plantations and other unique combination of landscape, into a series of beautiful scenery landscapes. Esslingen, a stylized place. The street is always lonely and boring, but in those buildings, but conceal astonishing curiosity, like Esslingen wine, you want to open the bottle to know the alcohol mellow.

ZAIN 2014秋「古城醇染」系列上市

ZAIN Autumn 2014 "Ancient City Alcool" series is inspired by this unique ancient town; mellow wine red wine is the main color of the series, inside and outside with a touch of apricot color highlights classic retro Esslin The basic tone, in particular, joined the different shades of blue, so that the overall mix is ​​more stylish and calm, with a gentle atmosphere reflects the elegant atmosphere of the atmosphere.

ZAIN 2014秋「古城醇染」系列上市

ZAIN 2014 autumn "ancient city alcohol dye" series of new products have been listed, invites all friends visit the store appreciation.

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