Diamond thief steals nine years in Europe and Asia

Stealing two jewelry stores in an hour

August 14, 2014, Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

Located in the eastern part of the city, Bukit Bintang is the commercial and financial center of Kuala Lumpur, especially between Bukit Bintang Road and Sultan Ismail Road, which is home to high-end restaurants, shopping malls and cinemas. ".

It has always been a great location for visitors from all over the world to experience the Malaysian style. However, due to the impact of the MH370 incident and the MH17 incident, the number of foreign tourists coming to Malaysia in 2014 was far less than in previous years, and the “Golden Triangle” merchants also felt the “chill”. Therefore, for every foreigner entering the store, the clerk has shown more enthusiasm than ever.

August 14th is a Thursday, and the "Golden Triangle" is even more deserted. In the afternoon, two middle-aged men with Asian faces and suits stopped at the door of a jewelry store. After looking at it, they opened the door of the jewelry store.

The clerk of the jewelry store quickly noticed the arrival of two foreign guests. Although the two are not very good at English, they are probably "rich businessmen from China." Therefore, the two men immediately received a warm reception.

Two people at the front end of several jewellery counters for a while, then asked the clerk to take the jewels they saw from the counter one by one. The clerk felt that he had encountered a large customer and did not consider it. He immediately took out the jewels and placed them on the tray of the counter. The store later said that the number of jewellery that was produced at that time was quite large, and many of them were expensive.

But the two did not stop to choose, but picked up the ring, necklace and other jewelry, while continuing to let the clerk take out the jewelry.

After some "fine selection", the two people apologized to the clerk that they did not choose their favorite jewelry and then left the store.

In a short while, two “Chinese rich businessmen” once again appeared in another jewelry store in Bukit Bintang, and they were still warmly received by the staff. After turning around for a while in the store, the two again "disappointed and returned."

Later that day, the Kuala Lumpur police received an alarm call from two jewelry stores in the Bukit Bintang area, claiming that the expensive ring in the store was stolen. After the police broadcast the surveillance video, they found that the two shops suspected of stealing jewels were men who could not buy the jewels on the day. In just one hour, the two were suspected of stealing a diamond ring and an emerald ring worth a total of RM1.4 million (about RMB 2.65 million) in the two jewelry stores!

Interpol’s most wanted

August 28, 2014, Zurich, Switzerland.

It is the largest city in Switzerland and is also known as the richest city in Europe. It also enjoys the title of “European Millionaire City”, where everything a person wants can be found. In this city, Swiss jewellery, famous for its luxury and exquisiteness, is not lost to Swiss watches and sabers.

On this day, two Asian gentlemen dressed in gentlemen entered the most luxurious jewelry store on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. They asked the clerk to take out the most expensive diamond ring in the store. The English is not very good, but the clerk did not dare to neglect the guests from the East. Upon request, the clerk took out the top diamond ring in the store. This huge diamond ring is finely cut by craftsmen and shines under the light.

At this time, one of the men took out a business card and used the English to tell the clerk that he was going to the place for a while, trying to figure out the route. The enthusiastic clerk took the business card and started to enquire the route.

At this point, another clerk on the side suddenly felt that the man who was looking at the diamond ring was very similar to the photo in a wanted order that he saw. After basically confirming that the person was the wanted criminal, the clerk quietly pressed the alarm button. The Zurich police who arrived soon caught the two.

The Zurich police seized a "big fish."

After investigation, the police found that one of the two arrested was named Meng Jianguo, nicknamed "Amin", aged 46. In November 2013, he stole a $1.5 million in Bahrain. Diamond ring. After the diamond ring was stolen, Interpol immediately issued a "red wanted order" to capture Meng Jianguo.

The Red Wanted Order is the highest level of wanted order issued by Interpol. It is valid for 5 years and can be renewed until the suspect is brought to justice.

In August 2014, in the same month that Meng Jianguo “patrolled” two jewellery stores in Kuala Lumpur, Interpol also issued a “Purple Wanted Order” to inform the police of the recent crimes of theft of jewellery and through the internal network of the jewellery industry. Issue a warning to global jewelry stores.

The reason why Meng Jianguo was listed as the most senior wanted criminal on the Interpol "black list" is closely related to his alleged "work".

Since 2012, Meng Jianguo has been suspected of involvement in at least 14 cases of theft of jewellery, and the scope of the crime is almost half of the earth. Jewelry stores in Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, France, Germany, Malaysia, Monaco, Switzerland and the United Kingdom are all The plain-looking man "traveled" over. Due to the large number of cases involved, he was also described by the Swiss newspaper as "one of the world's most notorious jewel thieves."

The thief associates released by the "big mind"

A few hours after Meng Jianguo was arrested, the Swiss police released the man surnamed Luo with his “insufficient evidence”. The German media quoted Krony Boward, spokesman for the Zurich Prosecutor’s Office, as saying that the man believed that the man “has no evidence of a criminal conviction” and cannot detain him.

Shortly after the release of the man named Luo, Martin Winkel, the security manager of the European Jeweler Alert Service Organization, said that the wanted order for the man named Luo had been issued. But at this time, the man surnamed Luo has disappeared.

This wanted order contains seven screenshots of the surveillance photos of the man surnamed Luo and Meng Jianguo. The wanted order also described in detail the identity of the man named Luo: Asian male, about 40 years old, 172CM tall, slender, not fluent in English, and high in forehead hairline.

"We can't know his whereabouts now, but what is certain is that he will steal the jewels again." Martin Winkel said in an interview: "We appeal to all jewelers to be vigilant if they find out that he appears Shop, please contact the local police immediately, and welcome to contact us."

But Meng Jianguo is not as "lucky" as his accomplices, and waiting for him will be a legal trial. Many countries have the right to ask the Swiss police to extradite Meng Jianguo for trial - because there are too many places to commit crimes.

The Kuala Lumpur police said that Malaysia has no plans to extradite Meng Jianguo for the time being, but they will cooperate with the Zurich police to obtain his fingerprint and passport information and compare it with the information held by the Malaysian side.

Lhasa Ramli, head of the Kuala Lumpur police, said: "After confirming that he is the main suspect in the burglary of Kuala Lumpur, we will issue an arrest warrant."

Stolen from the Atlantic coast to the Persian Gulf

"Meng Jianguo's modus operandi is not so unique and unique." Martin Winkel said that he is best at "sounding the West" and distracting the attention of the clerk. To this end, in many cases, Meng Jianguo has accompanied his accomplices.

In the successful theft, he and a colleague entered the jewelry store and asked the salesperson to pick out the most expensive diamond ring for them to choose. When the clerk placed some diamond rings on the counter, one of them would distract the clerk's attention by asking for directions or asking the clerk's business card. Just as the clerk turned around or distracted, the diamond ring had been stolen.

The man surnamed Luo, who was released by the Zurich police, is considered to be an important assistant to Meng Jianguo. In the surveillance video of the jewelry point, he and Meng Jianguo appeared in London, Manchester, Paris, Bahrain, Berlin, Zurich and other places.

According to Martin Winkel, last year, many jewelry stores in Europe were stolen and thieves were Asian. By picking up the video, they found that Meng Jianguo appeared in these stolen jewelry stores. "He has accomplices every time, and several accomplices are the same person."

Martin first paid attention to Meng Jianguo in 2012. In the same year, two jewelry stores in Paris were stolen. Martin got a video from a jewelry store in Paris, which recorded the process of Meng Jianguo stealing jewelry. But no one knew at the time what the identity of the pirate was.

After committing a crime in Paris, Meng Jianguo moved to Monaco. At the jewelry store here, he was arrested for the first time. However, because it was only the attempted theft, Meng Jianguo was only sentenced to eight months in prison. Such a light punishment can naturally not suppress Meng Jianguo’s desire to steal.

In 2013, a jewelry store in London was stolen. Martin got the video at the time of the incident. In the video, Martin saw a familiar face - after the release of the sentence, Meng Jianguo shot again.

In this jewelry store in London, Meng Jianguo escaped. In November of the same year, he flew from the Atlantic coast to Bahrain on the shores of the Persian Gulf, where he successfully stole a diamond ring worth $1.5 million.

"One of the top ten jewelry thieves in the world"

According to information held by Martin, from 2012 to 2014, Meng Jianguo successfully robbed the jewels seven times, and there were many cases of success but no success. Martin said that the security network he is responsible for is mainly in Europe, and he believes that Meng Jianguo must have stolen in countries outside Europe.

After communicating with the stolen jewelry store, Martin said that Meng Jianguo’s method of committing crimes is actually not too fresh. The reason why he can succeed frequently is that he always gives the clerk a wrong impression, in the eyes of the clerk. Meng is like a successful Asian businessman who chooses jewelry for his wife.

According to incomplete statistics, before the arrest, Meng Jianguo’s jewels such as diamonds stolen in many countries were worth at least several million dollars. In Martin's view, Meng Jianguo can definitely be among the top ten jewelers in the world.

After the Bahrain case in 2013, Interpol has issued an international wanted order, but Meng Jianguo can still be “unblocked” in countries such as Malaysia and Switzerland.

Martin believes that Meng Jianguo can still commit crimes in multiple countries under the circumstances of being wanted, and may have at least two passports with different identities. But this statement has not been confirmed by the Zurich police.

Martin said that the arrest of Meng Jianguo is closely related to the “European Jeweler Alert Service Organization”.

He said that jewelry stores in Germany, Switzerland and Austria share information with the "European Jeweler Alert Service Organization". In addition, the organization has partners with the jewelry industry in several countries outside Europe.

Martin said that when the European jewelry store has stolen information, it will immediately report the "Jeweler Alert Service Organization", which can notify all other members within a few minutes. If there is a video, all members will know the suspect's appearance.

By the end of July 2014, the “European Jeweler Alert Service Organization” had already had multiple videos of Meng Jianguo suspected of committing crimes.

Martin said that he sent a "wanted poster" to the members of the organization, which has the appearance of Meng Jianguo, reminding the jewelry stores to pay attention to it, if he finds a timely alarm. In addition to members, Martin said that he also sent this "night poster" to "the largest number of jewelry stores and insurance companies in the world."

Perhaps this "night wanted poster", let the clerk of the jewelry store in Zurich recognize Meng Jianguo.

"A month and a half after my poster was released, Meng Jianguo and his accomplices were arrested." Martin is very proud. "This is much faster than the police!"

In the early warning network of the "European Jeweler Alert Service Organization", in addition to Meng Jian, who has already been arrested, Martin also listed several "big thieves who want to catch". "They all commit crimes in the short term. The suspect who caused a major loss," Martin explained.

Martin, who has many years of experience in jewelry warning, said that in fact, there are only three or four methods used by thieves. The best way to prevent them is to understand their methods of crime and cultivate well-trained employees.

Interpol said that Meng Jianguo is currently awaiting the extradition of Bahrain and accepting the trial of the court in the country.

According to Malaysian media reports, although Meng Jianguo has stolen a diamond ring worth millions of dollars, he has not really received the same benefits. Because he will sharpen his shape after getting these jewels, and then sell it to mainland China or Russia at a low price.

A police officer said that Meng Jianguo’s gang had a brilliant technician who would cut or divide diamonds and other gems so that they would not be recognized.

Interpol also stated that by analyzing crimes and other similar cases, the organization concluded that at least two organized criminal groups had stolen high-end jewellery in a similar manner. Interpol said that they will continue to investigate the case with member states.

There are only three or four methods used by jewelry thieves. The best way to prevent them is to understand their methods of crime and cultivate well-trained employees. - Martin Winkel, Security Manager, "European Jeweler Alert Service Organization"

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