Bean brand makeup spring 2015 new album

For women, no matter what the season should grasp the fashion trends, although it is still the winter bondage days, but many women have already begun to capture the trend of women 's clothing in the spring of 2015, preparing for the next season's clothing . Therefore, many businesses are beginning to seize this opportunity to launch early 2015 spring new women, Zhuang Man brand women is no exception, just launched in the recent spring brand Chuang Man 2015 new album, with Xiaobian to enjoy the following, Check out the 2015 spring women's trend message!



Minimalism as early as the 60s for people are respected, in various areas have her presence, the brand makeup Man Ladies in the spring of 2015, the design of women's wear, abstract patterns and intellectual black and white color to express the mature women The charm, local changes and hit the use of color to make it simple and rich style of clothing styles.


Floral journey

Spring is a vibrant season, full of bright colors filled the hearts of. Season floral elements shine, from time to time in the vintage color patterns settled down after the changes of the times, turned into a new science and technology printing art. Full of infinite vitality, sweet atmosphere of staying in my heart.


dream Maker

Everything so misty, free, unrestrained, carefree, happy time spent in this relaxed and quiet atmosphere. Splash ink floral motifs, romantic tender chiffon and on behalf of this free casual washcloth interlaced mixed interpretation of the female dreams are brilliant holiday.


Bento brand women's spring 2015 new products, not only fashionable and unique, cut decent, smooth lines, in the use of colorful colors and fabric selection is followed by the international fashion trends, interpretation of a new era of elegant and sophisticated life, Let you have a different spring.

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