Shenzhen Zuo Danni Industrial Co., Ltd. recruitment market development manager and expand a number of personnel

Shenzhen Zuo Danni Industrial Co., Ltd. due to business needs, is hiring market development manager and expand staff (2-3)

Requirements are as follows:

Expand manager

1, more than a year of market development related work experience, with marketing activities of the cooperation project planning and implementation experience;

2, with strong interpersonal communication skills and business development capabilities;

3, strong sense of responsibility, able to withstand the stress of work, with team spirit

Merchants Commissioner

Job Responsibilities

1, responsible for the brand promotion of clothing investment;

2, responsible for negotiating with the clothing brand agents, signing sales contracts, and agents to provide services;

3, responsible for the development and management of the clothing brand agents, to maintain good relations of cooperation;

4, collecting area brand clothing market information, and timely feedback;

5, record the dealer information, the establishment of information files.

6, network investment and follow-up, update.


1, college degree or above, marketing and other related major;

2, more than 2 years of brand apparel investment, sales experience, rich investment channels are preferred;

3, skilled product knowledge, investment process, investment skills, contract terms and market operation mode;

4, Excellent customer service awareness, strong business development and interpersonal communication skills;

5, honest and trustworthy, hardworking and dedicated.

6, rich channel sales experience is preferred.

Application materials:

A resume, including personal information, academic and work experience, treatment requirements, telephone number, E-mail address. Payroll favorably, interested persons please contact the CHAN or resume sent to @ For more information, please call understanding.

Shenzhen Zuo Danni Industrial Co., Ltd. already has a sound management system and excellent design and marketing team, the annual sales performance to maintain rapid and steady growth in 2005, the company won the "vitality of enterprises in Guangdong Province," Mr. Chen Mingqiang won the "Guangdong Province Top Ten Outstanding Youth "title. Zodiac Industry Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City, the flagship brand LIBAONI, already has a better sales network, with its unique advantages, outstanding performance made remarkable achievements, won the industry's praise. In Shenzhen Tianhong, Haiya, Shirble, Chong Bai and other well-known department store chain settled in the past 10 years, already has hundreds of high-quality shops.

Mission: people-oriented, innovative thinking, providing customers with excellent products and services, so that employees see the hope that customers see hope, and ultimately enable enterprises, employees, businesses get the maximum benefit for the community to create value!

The company vision: to promote direct sales and joining mode, so that enterprises and customers get the maximum profit, to create elegant women's first brand!

Entrepreneurship: passion, innovation, collaboration, speed

Here, I sincerely welcome the people with lofty ideals to join, and jointly create wealth tomorrow!

Address: Pinghu, Longgang District, Shenzhen (South China City) Ping Road, Gateway 2, 4-5

Contact: Mr. Chen Tel: QQ:

The recruitment information provided by the Shenzhen Zuo Danni Industrial Co., Ltd.

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