Winter season in early November to go picnic how to match?

Although 11 has entered the winter, but its temperature is not too low, 15,16-degree look, there will be a trace of warmth in the afternoon sun. Taking advantage of a good weekend, put on pro-and-kin-parent loaded, big hand with a small hand, with a child to the outing, let the cold winter, but also warm heart, let the silent love spread in the air, happiness is so simple. So how should paternity load in November? With Xiaobian next to see pro-brand paternity loaded with it! November weather coat woolen coat is right. Pro yet 2014 winter new woolen jacket parent-child equipment, in the design is very hard, calm gray, self-cultivation version, it is British style feeling. Mother and little girl models woolen jacket, is more self-cultivation, with a light blue shirt dress, it is significant feminine. Dad and boy models, is the feeling of British style, the same is the shirt with a light blue shirt + khaki slacks, coupled with the same paragraph black and white plaid scarf decoration, so loving paternity match, Able to love a little more, a little more, a little more. Sports and leisure style of the parent-child equipment is also very popular, the picture above this baseball clothing parent-child equipment, Korean-style version of the type design, very significant fashion. And high-quality fabrics, allowing you to play in the travel more comfortable wearing. Can be combined with the possession of blue printed T-shirt, wearing dark pants + sneakers, a touch of laziness and casual, and children get along more affinity.

Baby Blanket

Baby Minky throw blanket is cozy and comfortable, without being too warm or not warm enough! It`s perfect for all seasons and temperatures, and is an ideal blanket for preschool nap time!Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. Holds its shape and stays minky soft

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