How to choose pearls?


How to choose pearls?

If the diamond is the emperor in the jewelry, then the pearl must be an elegant queen. It has a warm color and looks like a sublime, but has a low-key honor. It is Hepburn's favorite jewel and the most elegant lover of cocochanel's little black dress. Every elegant woman should not have a pearl jewellery. Take you closer to the pearl and feel its silent nobleness.

Classification of pearls

According to the shape of the pearl, we can divide the pearl into the following five categories:

1. Beads: As the name suggests, it is a round pearl. According to the degree of its circle, it can also be divided into three types, namely, round beads, round beads and near round beads. The true bead is of course the best roundness. It is also commonly known as the goblet in business. The bead is a pearl with a very round shape. The value in the same color is inferior to the true bead. The near ball is closer to the circle. Beads of pearls.

2. Oval beads: refers to pearls in the shape of an ellipse. The diameter of the pearl is more than 10%.

3. Flat bead: refers to the shape of a flat face, with one or both sides being approximately planar, such as oblate, oblate, pie, diamond, square, etc.

4. Ma Bizhu: It is a kind of half pearl, also known as Mabe beads, taro beads and semi-circle beads, scientific name Ma Beizhu. Generally, after collecting the cultured pearls, insert the prepared semi-nuclear bead nucleus into the inner wall of the shell, so that the convex surface faces the sleeve of the mother-of-pearl, and the plane is closely attached to the shell wall of the mother-of-pearl, and then inserted into the shell wall. Feeding in water, over time, the nacre covers the outer bead core layer by layer to form a semi-circular shape. When it is collected, it is extracted together with a part of the bead shell wall and polished into a piece of jewelry, so the individual is huge. Mabie Pearl is essentially a kind of reclaimed pearl. Before that, each pearl shell can produce two round pearls first. Especially the production and quality of Mabie Pearl in Australia is very high. It is characterized by large particles and excellent Glossy, pure silvery white and smooth surface. The smallest is also 10mm, the large one can be 17mm or more, and has various shapes such as a circle, a drop shape, an ellipse shape, and a heart shape. At present, the world jewellery market is very popular with Mabie Jewelry. It is not only the pets of ladies and ladies, but also the unique and elegant jewellery created by Mabie is also favored by gentlemen.

5. Heterogenous beads: There are many different types of pearls besides round beads, oval beads, and Mabie beads. Pear-shaped, drop-shaped, rice-shaped, potato-shaped, also known as Baroque pearls.

How to choose pearls

Today's pearl jewellery brand market is more and more people can't understand it. The craft beads are so seamless that they can't see a little flaw. How to identify true and false pearls is also a way to follow. There are really few pearls without flaws, but each pearl has a different flaw, which is exactly what it is different from the birthmarks of other pearls, thus giving it a unique identity. Such a pearl with "identity" is the real jewelry.

1. Identify true and false pearls to see holes:

[Pearl] There are layered structural features in the perforated hole;

[Faux beads] The surface material is smashed, and a glass or plastic core can be seen by careful inspection.

2. Identify the true and false pearls of the hand:

[Pearl] Hand touch cool, cool;

[Faux beads] feels slippery.

3. Identify the true and false pearl teeth bite method:

[Pearl] teeth bite or rubbing on the glass is not smooth, often has a feeling of unevenness, sand, and white powder;

[Faux beads] The teeth bite has a smooth feel, and the bite coating will partially detach.

4. Identify the rubbing method of true and false pearls:

[Pearl] rubbed with two pearls, and there is a real pearl with a rough, sandy feeling;

[Imitation beads] and slipping each other is a fake pearl.

5. The intuitive method of identifying true and false pearls:

[Pearl] has a natural rainbow light, in a string of necklaces, its size and shape are irregular, the surface can generally be seen with the naked eye (except for the rare black pearls, Nanyang beads can not see the naked eye); Because they are natural products, they cannot be as absolute as the machine molds are cast;

[Faux beads] The shape is mostly spherical, the iridescence and the luster are very uniform, and it looks very fake.

6. Identify the magnifying observation method of true and false pearls:

[Pearl] Use a ten-times magnifying glass to observe the surface of the pearl. You can see that the shape of the sand dune is blown by the wind is a real pearl. It is an artificial pearl that looks like the surface of an egg.

[Faux beads] can only see a more uniform coating of eggshells.

7. Identify the bouncing method of true and false pearls:

[Pearl] The pearl is dropped from the height of 60 cm on the glass, and the rebound height is 35 cm;

[Faux beads] Under the same conditions, the rebound of the imitation beads.

Pearl care

1. The composition of the pearl is calcium carbonate, avoiding contact with acidic substances, causing corrosion and tarnishing the pearl.

2. There is moisture in the pearl. Remember to keep it with the desiccant, so that the pearl is too dry and the pearl will turn yellow. Do not store it in the box for a long time, it will dehydrate the pearl and it is necessary to wear it.

3. Pearls have a moist and cool substance, should be stored in a cool place, so that the pearls maintain proper humidity, can not be exposed to high temperatures.

4. The hardness of the pearl is very low. If it is put together with other gemstone jewelry, the surface of the brilliance will be worn, and it is best to store it separately.

5. Every time you clean the pearl jewelry, the belt takes a long time, and the surface of the pearl will stick with sweat and other substances, so that the appearance of the pearl luster is corroded.

6. Clean the pearl jewelry. Do not put it directly into the clean water. The water stains entering the small hole or in the gap will be difficult to dry, and then fermented, which will affect the color of the pearl. Wipe with a soft cotton cloth dampened with water or a liquid that has no effect on the pearl.

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