Zhongshan Xiaolan City, a grand opening of the store opened a new store to wish the business is booming

The first day of December, all over ushered in another wave of cold air, cooling the weather so that we once again entered the kind of do not want to go out do not want to get up the state, but the cold weather has brought good sales for the clothing store, Therefore, many clothing stores have chosen to open at this time, such as urban wardrobe womens is one of them. Warmly congratulate the city of Zhongshan Xiaolan shop in a grand opening today! Opening a new store I wish the business booming! Sales continued to record high!


Into December, they feel more and more from the deep cold in winter, and the city opened the new store women's wardrobe, of course, we also prepared a new winter new, like to welcome the city wardrobe ladies friends into the store purchase! Surprise a lot during the opening of the new store, a lot of discount, do not miss it! See the door so naive dolls, MM who is not a trace into the store to see the desire?

City wardrobe women's brand new and varied styles, including the campus, city, fashion, charm four series, different clothing line to meet the different needs of everyone's dress, a variety of styles so that every fashion hipster can be selected in the city wardrobe Their favorite style, but because of this, so that urban wardrobe womens are more and more consumers love and recognition, but now, the city wardrobe women in order to better promote the brand and enhance brand awareness, especially for the country to join Merchants, If you also intend to join the city wardrobe, please call.

城市衣柜中山小榄店盛大开业 新店开张祝生意兴隆

Congratulations once again on the opening of the new store in the city womens wardrobe, I wish the business is booming! Financial sources wide into! Hope a lot of new and old customers support! Address for the new store Shengfeng Village, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, on the 15th, No. 17-18 card Welcome to the store to buy!

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