Outcome of feminine styling for perfect modeling

This site's November 25 news, before becoming lovers, the process of exploring each other for the purpose of interaction, known as the "flood season." The men and women in the middle of the period did not have to dress themselves up, leaving only a good impression on each other. The tone, behavior, the creation of a perfect image, the external dress, and so on, in order to show one's beautiful side, no matter how small the details are also very troublesome. Then, what is the feminine form that can make "male sway" and effect full marks during the period? Here's a recommendation for women who will be able to make their own special modeling methods for the period of time.


Feminine lined coat, dress style to wear, waist design, very thin, soft colors, very cute, comfortable and age-reducing effect.


Natural drape version of the pink blouse + romantic shape of the speaker's skirt with a feminine look, outside the ride is very dazzling long-length cardigan, even more feminine, but also looks more cute.


Casual version of the sweater, the sleeve is a loose line design, is a very casual and lovely style, and wear a white shirt, wear a sky blue skirt, showing a beautiful and feminine style.


Feminine knitted T-shirt, vertical knit structure is very visible, clavicle hollow design, sexy and feminine, take the trumpet skirt, the hem of the metal decoration is not exaggerated, very bright effect, so that The overall shape is also more perfect.


The attractive Angora Knitwear is a slim, loose-fitting version with a soft touch. The design of the sleeves is very cute and feminine. Under the irregularly-designed trousers, they are lovely and lively. (Cooperative Media: Zuyun Nipper Women's Shoes Backgammon Shoes)

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