Hugo Boss brand new men's and women's advertisements for spring/summer 2015

The Hugo Boss brand's Spring/Summer 2015 commercial, Abbey Lee Kershaw, who had not been around for a long time, got an advertisement for the Hugo Boss brand in the spring and summer of 2015. Jason Wu said that she was chosen because of her “her attitude and character”. Charlie Siem, an outstanding British violinist and outstanding violinist, became the new face of BOSS men's elegant and intelligent style.

8 Strand Rope

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Polyester twisted rope is highly resistant to ultra-violet rays, stays flexible and does not shrink or harden,does not float .Low stretch, abrasion resistant. Spliceable. Resists chemicals.


People that know about 8 Strand Nylon are aware of its greatness. Others will want to learn what a convenient addition this rope can be to their boat.

The difference between 3 Strand Nylon and 8 Strand Nylon is most apparent when its hauled on deck. Because of its construction, the 8 Strand Nylon will take up far less space than 3 Strand. It lays more compactly in your locker or bag and will use about half the space of the same amount of 3 Strand.

Want an eye on the end of your 8-strand Nylon Rope? Be sure to check out our custom splicing page and let our professional splicer how you would like them done. Splicing your rope, rather than tying a knot, is the strongest and safest way to create a loop on your rope.

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