What is the meaning of amber?

Amber, the elf of time, the angel of nature, watching the vicissitudes of thousands of years, condensing the essence of all things for thousands of years, is called "the world's strange stones." Each piece of amber contains an independent world, full of the spirituality and beautiful meaning of life. Here are some of the implications of amber? Different amber varieties have different meanings.


Various amber meanings:

Jinpo: In ancient times, it was called “Feestone”. It is bright and colorful, and it is most suitable for people who are honest, honest, and upright. It can make people trust you and support you. And it helps to control the cause, it is a blessing to have it! The golden amber has an incredible aura, which is in line with the symbol of "profit and wealth" in Buddhism and Tantric practice.

Blood Bo: Its Baoguang can keep you in a happy and quiet atmosphere. Its electrostatic effect will always bring you a good feeling of Tongtai, which is conducive to promoting blood circulation of the skin. It is very big for improving your color. The help, having it is a blessing!

Huo Bo: The color is warm and pleasant, the character is elegant and romantic, and the enthusiasm is hidden in the tenderness. It is amber suitable for all women, and it can best reflect the feminine amber.

Ming Po: also known as "clear amber" color elegant, clear and transparent, can make you feel fresh and cool, thinking, active, cheerful if your outspoken nature, wearing Ming Po can make you more agile and has a delicate beauty.

Shade Perot: is the king of Perot in, is the most ancient times amber shade amber since ancient times is extremely rare in China, Compendium of Materia Medica describes shade Perot "long public amber, the amber holy"; Sung (Heavenly Creations) description: "the most precious Yi amber, gold price is equivalent to five times ..." in today's international market is regarded as the best amber.

Mrs Green: mysterious deep lake-like color, people have a dreamy longing and desire. Can make people more clarity, responsiveness and courageous judge, will give you a steady stream of thoughts and mystical inspiration, we crush on you is far greater than you can imagine, all this is the reason you have ancient baby brought!

Beeswax: the ancient royal jewels, the waxy color and the oily and smooth touch. Through the rich and peaceful atmosphere, you can feel the peace and tranquility of the soul. It is said that hand-held beeswax can communicate with the gods, and can direct the wishes directly to your patron saint, and receive God's guidance and blessing.

Huapo: The carcass wrapped in transparent amber, like leaves, noble and charming; feels fresh and elegant, romantic and pleasant, but also means gaining and abundance.

Blood Po: Also known as Medical Po, the color is rich and dignified, and its electrostatic effect will make you feel relaxed. In addition, often rubbing the face with blood-beads after cleansing, is conducive to promoting blood circulation of the skin, and has a great effect on improving your color.

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