Pearl, you have dimmed for too long

Gold, diamonds, jade, pearls, as the four largest categories of Chinese jewelry base, gold, occasionally ups and downs but standing still; diamonds, the long-term response to the deep and deep; jade, the inheritance of the millennium with the deepest Chinese feelings; pearls, With 90% of the world's output, the brand is not obvious.

There is always a plot in the hearts of Chinese jewelers. It is hoped that the jewels bearing the words "Chinese jewellery" can be well-known in the world. This has nothing to do with the interests, but it is beyond the competition. It is the national pride shared by every Chinese son and daughter. So far, we still admire European brands such as Cartier and Tiffany, and they are eager for their high profits and the glory of the world. Therefore, with the jewels of Chinese jewellery manufacturing, the process of transformation towards brand building.

Those who know jewelry should know that the jewelry industry operates in the Chinese market in two ways: “channel construction” and “culture creation”. The former is represented by domestic jewelers such as “Lao Fengxiang” and “Zhou Dasheng”. They have their own specialty stores all over the country. They hope to use the “city promotion” model to spread the network and operate in detail; the latter is “Cartier”. Foreign jewelers such as “Bulgari” are the representatives, focusing on the creation of brand culture. The products are full of European style, simple and generous.

As far as two different modes of experience are concerned, it is not good or bad, but one thing is that Chinese jewelry is always in the following competitions, both in the international market and in the domestic market.

If we say that diamonds are affected by the source of goods, we have a disadvantage in the competition without a complete industrial chain. Then, as the country that produces 90% of the world's pearls, China should be reconsidered in the competition of pearl products.

Pearls have been dimmed for too long, and this situation is particularly similar to Myanmar, which is rich in jade. It’s because it’s too easy to come, there is a lot of money to change hands, so people neglect the investment in finished products. The end result is that Myanmar’s jadeite minerals are shrinking and have to be closed. The Chinese pearl brand is weak in the world’s jewelry consumer market. smell.

In peace of mind, good and slack, the Chinese pearl has dimmed for too long, it is time to get up...

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