New / mysterious Black Swan luxury feast protagonist

The glittering stars in the sky shimmering with glittering lights, such as a glittering candlelight in the dark, such as the neon lights of the city at night. Night party, passionate, enamored, unrestrained with a variety of handsome elegant real temperament, the mysterious light, changing color, alone can not win your light. Bodystyle Budi design autumn and winter new products [black swan] heavy listed, simple and elegant design, shine diamond shine strap, let you in the luxury feast, interpretation of the Queen style.

Surface mesh revealing the design of the dress collar, in the solemn and sexy collision sparks

Strap embellished diamonds, vague diamonds reveal the taste of life

Half-piece mold cup, light cup no trace, to meet the comfort at the same time light and breathable

3 rows of 3 buckle design, wearing a solid hard to shift, so that your sense of security plus points.

布迪设计 - BodyStyle

新品/神秘黑天鹅 奢华盛宴的主角

新品/神秘黑天鹅 奢华盛宴的主角


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