Buy South Red Agate, don't be superstitious

Many people will consciously go to the South Red Agate of Baoshan or buy some old South Red Agate when they buy South Red Agate. They think that only the South Red Agate of Baoshan is the orthodox South Red Agate, Baoshan. The south red is more detailed, the color is more intense, and the texture is more gelatinous. This kind of cognition is not correct.

The main producing area of ​​South Red Agate is the mining area near Liangshan, and the old mines in Baoshan now have a small amount of production. Baoshan's mining has a long history, and it does have a very good original stone, but now the rest are not good South Red Agate rough. Many old red agates are not all of high quality. In the past, there were ordinary Nanhong and high quality Nanhong. Therefore, we are now buying South Red Agate, mainly to see the specific South Red products, the origin is not very important.

Memory Foam Pillow Wedge

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