How to choose home improvement art mirror

There are many kinds of art glass mirrors on the market. How can consumers pick the art mirrors that suit their own homes? We will explain how to buy from whether it is compatible with the living environment, whether it is safe, price and quality.

The degree of matching means that the art mirror you purchased is enough to match your decoration style. It is European style, rural style, Mediterranean style or Chinese classical style. You can consult your designer at this time. The angle color, shape, style and other factors are recommended for you to achieve a unified style and personality.

Safety refers to whether art mirroring will harm your life in your living environment. We have a lot of mirrors on the market with a bottom plate. This is suitable for use on the background wall, and needs to be configured with a frame. It is forbidden to install the floor art glass mirror on the ceiling because the weight of the glass is limited, such as It must be installed on the ceiling and must be loose.

The price situation, the art mirror is different according to the processing difficulty of the process, the price of raw materials, the complexity of the composition of the graphics, etc., and the price is quite different. Generally speaking, ordinary diamond-shaped art mirrors are relatively simple in terms of graphics and colors, and the market price is relatively cheaper by 200~500 yuan per square. However, the graphics are complicated, and the price of high-end art mirrors mixed with materials is relatively high. The price in the market is more than 500 yuan, or even thousands of yuan per square. It depends on your economic affordability and affection to choose the products you like, which will add to your living environment.

In terms of quality, when choosing an art mirror, you should pay attention to the choice of silver-plated mirrors. Avoid aluminum plating. Silver mirrors are relatively stable in quality, not easy to oxidize, and brighter in color. Aluminized mirrors are easy to oxidize, and the colors are relatively dull. Light.


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