Is the more transparent the jade, the better?

As the "king of jade", the jade has always been loved by Ms. Aimei. Nowadays, with the scarcity of jade resources, the price of jade has risen all the way, and the price can reach millions or even tens of millions. Jade has also become a jewelry. Collectors collect objects, so what kind of jade has a collection value?

Dry white jade has no collection value

The so-called "species" is the degree of transparency of jade. The more transparent the jade, the better the seed. Jadeite is divided into glass, ice, oil, bean, and dry white, from good to bad. The better the collection, the higher the value of the collection. Even if the glass and ice are not green, it is worth collecting. If the color of the dry white jade is not strong enough, and the green area is not much, there is no collection value.

Jade price has increased greatly

According to Guo Qinghong, the director of the Guangdong Jewelry and Precious Metals Testing Center, he found that at the end of last year and the middle of this year, he went to various jade exchanges and raw materials market research and found that both jadeite products and raw materials rose in only half a year. Nearly 50%.

Why is the price of jade rising all the way? Guo Qinghong believes that jadeite, as a scarce resource with extremely slow regeneration, is less used, and resources are increasingly scarce. The Chinese have a special preference for jade, and the market's demand for jade has surged, highlighting the value of jade.

Jadeite is divided into A goods, B goods, C goods, for the price of A kind of goods, B goods, C goods 3 kinds of jade, Guo Qinghong reminds consumers: the purchase of C goods of jade will generally not exceed one or two hundred yuan, buy B goods The jadeite generally does not exceed 2,000 yuan. If these two prices are exceeded, then the consumer must be at a loss. The better of the jade of A goods is generally above 20,000 to 30,000 yuan.

Observing the color of jade is also a way to judge the value of jade. Jade has different colors. The more common ones are green, purple, yellow red, yellow black, blue and so on. The price of jade in various colors will be different. In general, the color is best in green, the higher the saturation, the thicker the green, the more precious. The saturation is low, the lack of color is not transparent, the green is light and the value is not high.

Guo Qinghong told reporters: There is a popular saying in the jade collection industry: "The layman looks at the color, and the insider sees the species." In the case of the same color, block and other conditions, the price difference between the two adjacent species is about one time. .

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