Saitama identification method

There are many kinds of colors in Saitama, which are very popular and popular. What are the identification methods of Saitama?

First, look at the color

Saitama has a wide variety of colors (green, white, yellow, blue, red, etc.) in different shades.

Concentration refers to the shade of color. Generally speaking, it is best to use medium concentration, too deep or too shallow.

Purity refers to the degree of purity of the hue. When mixed with other hue, it is not pure, or it is called color cast. Obviously, the purer the hue, the better, and the color mixing is worse.

Brightness refers to the brightness of the color, also known as the color of the sun, of course, the higher the degree of vividness, the better.

Uniformity refers to the degree of uniformity of color distribution. Generally speaking, the more uniform the color, the better, the unevenness is worse, but for some jade varieties, such as flower jade, various red, brown, orange, yellow tone and change The multi-faceted patterns often form strange and beautiful pictures, but they are more precious.

Second, look at transparency

Transparency is more important for jade, because most of the single crystal gemstones are transparent, the difference is not big, but Wang Shi is not, the transparency is very different, most of them are opaque, slightly transparent or translucent, a few are transparent Or sub-transparent, so transparency is more precious.

Third, look at the texture

The smaller the texture density of jade, the better, the finer the better, the more uniform the better.

Fourth, look at the clarity

Clarity refers to the cleanliness inside the gemstone, that is, the amount of impurities and strontium. Due to its good transparency, Saitama can see the internal impurities and flaws by naked eyes, and it is easy to judge the purity of the net.

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