MIXTIE Lady's Devil Dress

MIXTIE is a kind of women's clothing. In fact, beauty is a power from the inside out, just like the Scottish check. It comes from years of precipitation, hoping to give women the freedom and charm of anytime, anywhere, the best part of each stage can bloom, but also hope that every woman has a joyful, confident beauty.

[British] advanced custom precious wool, slender silhouette, generous red and black texture and just the right luxury fur collar, at first glance, there is a subtle British literary enthusiasm, concentrated wisdom, gentle, cultivated beautiful temperament.

[Strong] Plaid coat is not always quiet with nature, the proportion of perfect red and black lines are unified and very rhythmic, not only make the overall shape rich and eager, more flexible and rational outline, in the gentle tight white pants, more An irresistible fashion charm, upright and intelligent.

[Slender] Plaid pencil skirt has a good style of God's custom, soft, slender, sexy, with a specific frame strength, showing a good body and proportion of the proportion of gold lines, the distribution of elite women's atmosphere and charm.

[Classic] classic Scottish print. Neat lines and black-and-white hues allow the coat to have a steady and calm atmosphere. The unmistakable aesthetic shape has absolute shaping magic for the body shape. The leather pants and lace are layered together and the soft and strong feminine tastes .

[Atmospheric] MIXTIE designers have re-drawn the classic fashion of checkered: tough contours, soft materials, removable front ... uniform black and white texture under the silhouette support more stylized and power, the atmosphere is cool.

More exciting new products, you are welcome to visit the local MIXTIE monopoly shopping experience, looking forward to bring you and your family, friends more joy and wonderful! The weather is cold and I wish you happy every day!


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