Warm coat with a warm coat to warm and stylish winter

This site on December 19 hearing, the most recent period, the fashion bloggers around the world desperately drying out of their closets, with a very playful color and texture of the "flush" coat to welcome the winter chill. In Portugal, Joana chose bright blue, while in Germany Maja wrapped himself in a black and white shape. They chose a variety of clothing and accessories to match coat jackets - hole jeans, baseball caps, fedora hats, and even Bling Bling's sequined trousers, each style is a unique style. Below you can see more collocation styles, allowing you to spend a long, warm winter with a fluffy overcoat coat.


This soft and warm coat, if brightly colored, can instantly jump out of the routine and be playful and lively, with skinny jeans or leather pants that look vibrant. Moreover, the most important keyword in autumn and winter of this year is color, and playing well with color can make you stand out as the biggest focus of the street.


Hole-piercing jeans always have a unique charm, and the casual street-feeling it exudes is even more fashionable and avant-garde against the backdrop of fluffy coats.


Simple black jackets can produce different effects under different combinations. Exquisite slim jacket with tight pants casual fashion, wide-brimmed hat can also add a lady temperament. The loose-fitting jacket with wide leg pants and high heels instantly transforms into fashionable OL.


The light-colored jacket is more suitable for fresh and pleasant girls, but it can also create a variety of shapes. A fluffy, light-colored jacket with an irregular dress or knit sweater is as romantic and warm as a girl's dream story, but with gold glitter trousers it is instantly eye-catching. (Collaborative Media: True Australian Kangaroo leather goods Mohemi shoes)

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