Three bracelets that women have indispensable for life

First silver bracelet

The first bracelet is silver. Because the child is small, Daiyu is easy to break, and it breaks. When you grow up, you have to wear a jade bracelet. It is generous and rich, and it can be safe. Yin and Yang, through the slow moisturization of the arteries!

Second jade bracelet

The jade bracelet given by the parents means that you have a happy family and a growing environment. Parents can help you to nurture adults, cultivate education, and prepare for you a luxury that can accompany you forever, and can even prepare for a moment, except that family conditions allow Besides, is there still a parent who loves you forever, wholeheartedly protects, is close to the heart, and sees the mind of others? Just such a jade bracelet, God is more than a wish.

The third jade bracelet

The jade bracelet sent by the lover - whether it is a frugal or a cheap one, is always due to a period of love and friendship. Cui Yuxi, all reminded myself that the jade bracelet has no afterlife because it cannot be reborn, and it seems that it is hard and weak. Love is cherished, it can last for a long time, passed down from generation to generation; light and slow, you can fly away in a flash. Why not like our love and marriage? Being able to guard quietly during a disaster, supporting each other in times of hardship, and walking hand in hand with a loved one is a great wish for life.

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