NEXY.CO Nai City OL Women's Recommended: a dress and more wear

After a busy day at work, I would like to get together with my friends or go shopping with my girlfriends. At this time, I suddenly feel that my competent office dress does not seem to match the following activities. Don't worry, today NEXY.CO shares with you an ingeniously designed fashion, how to help urban OLs to easily change their identity.

Scenario 1: Daily Office VS Business Leisure

After finishing a full day's work with a work partner, you can arrange a few small gatherings to work out the fatigue of the next day. If clothing is designed with a little more ingenuity, it will become easy to change the dress style quickly.

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The exquisite small cardigan is made of 100% Merino wool. The material is superior and the design is delicate. When combined with a belt, the design of the fit and the suit of the small suit are very suitable for wearing when going to work.

When you unbutton your belt, you can immediately change your style and become a slightly casual cardigan. Even without changing the inner mix, you can deduce different styles.

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