Little girl in winter jacket

Every little girl is God sent to the mortal little angel, to mom and dad to do a little intimate cotton jacket. Little girl will always receive too much favor, because delicate and lovely, watery eyes have been drunk. Dad mom and dad will be extra attention to the little girl, every day with different shapes in amusement, record the moment bit by bit, waiting for moms and daughters getting old, the children grow up after the memories are sweet. Le shark children's clothing in this winter for the cute little angel warm jacket prepared, fashionable and sweet shape, moms and dads do not miss it. Music shark - NEEZA children's clothing blue as a cool color of the color, exudes a different girl in the glamorous, grew up with noble glamorous temperament, grow up by no means inferior. Dressing room dotted with small peach heart, with different shades of color dotted with fantasy childlike innocence. Short paragraph elongated body line, lower waist design more set off the proportion of fur collar added, highlighting the style of the little girl falls generous. A pink thickened dress with backing, had to admire hit another color after the scene. Music shark - NEEZA pink is the best fit for children's color, representing innocence, representing the romantic and beautiful expectations. This section with a small pink down jacket pink heart embellishment, there is no lack of innocent little girl, thick and velvet lapel warm performance is good, the collar wrapped around the warm, let the invasion of the winds. Add cotton padded jeans with casual sweet, suitable for girls wearing.

Water Oil Repellent Fabric

The Waterproof and oil repellent fabric is also called [breathable fabric". It is a functional fabric that combines oil-proof, waterproof, moisture-permeable and warm-keeping properties after PU coating or film coating. It can resist the invasion of rain and stains. The body's hot air and sweat can be discharged in time to keep the body dry, warm and comfortable.
The Waterproof and oil repellent fabric produced by Xinke Protective has excellent waterproof and moisture permeability. The products have been tested by the authoritative testing institutions SGS and ITS. The water pressure resistance can reach 10000 MM or above and the moisture permeability can reach 8000g/m2 for 24 hours.
Of course, you can also combine anti-static fabric and flame retardant fabrics or insect repellent fabric to combine their functions to choose the right multi-functional fabric.

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