Purple clothes with Wei Wei show the new purple jacket

In this winter, pastel color series has always been a very popular color, but in this one, pink purple is one of the main ingredients, the sweet and noble colors always bring out the gentle and elegant female temperament. Vicki women's winter pink purple series of single product, born French romantic and elegant, in the simple and luxurious interweaving weave the poetic temperament of women, water-like tenderness, so many women will be obsessed with, Let's take a look at it.


In the cold season you need a down jacket for your shelter, Wei Wei winter new down jacket, simple version of the short version of the winter is still comfortable and comfortable, Smart compelling. Small personality lapel lock warm design, body with invisible printing decoration, hidden secretly romantic and elegant. Pink purple color is even more sweet, with shorts pattern shorts, very suitable for a petite MM dress up.

紫色衣服搭配 可薇秀新款紫色外套

If you dislike it too winter coat too cumbersome and may prefer the soft temperament wool material temperament, then in fact, you can also choose a short paragraph coat. May Vicki women's short section of this jacket, a relaxed version of the petite petite body, more rich with the atmosphere of the lapel and classic double breasted highlight the French elegance. Take a white knit plus black skirt, slightly playful and stylish patience icon.

Coral Fleece Slipper

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